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Defeat, Not Just Contain, ISIS


Last week Americans were reminded of the barbaric and brutal nature of the terrorist ISIS army. It has occupied large areas in Iraq and Syria, murdering innocent civilians and publicly executing an American journalist in an effort to intimidate America and our allies. The stated goals of ISIS are antithetical to a civilized world. Now, as before, America needs to offer decisive leadership to combat this threat and that of all terrorists who seek to destroy and murder the innocent around the world.


The president has believed from the beginning of his administration that leading from behind allows the world to be a safer place. That American disengagement would lead to more stability and peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Obama Administration needs a strategy to defeat, not just contain, this terrorist threat. Congress, as always, stands ready to work with the Administration where necessary to help protect and defend the American people and support our allies.



More from Around the District


This past week, we traveled all across the Sixth District meeting with and listening to the thoughts and concerns of folks on the ground doing their part to strengthen and improve our communities. On Monday, I spoke at the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs – updating its members on solutions we are focused on right now in Congress to address the myriad of different challenges facing our country. That evening, I met with the Knights of Columbus in Marietta. We are thankful for the work they do to give back to our communities.


On Tuesday we held a great town hall conversation with local members of the AMAC in Atlanta. Listening to and understanding the issues of particular importance to our community’s seniors – like our nation’s health and retirement programs – will have a positive impact on how we help seniors today and future generations retire with security and peace of mind.


On Wednesday, we visited Georgia Tech where I got to the opportunity to see and learn firsthand about the amazing technological innovations being developed by talented engineers and scientists to aid in the delivery of quality health care. And Thursday brought a visit to the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce where we discussed what needs to be done in Washington to make government more effective and efficient and how positive solutions can pave the way for a brighter future for our communities and our country.


It is a privilege to represent such great folks working to improve our community. Please let us know if you'd like us to visit your group or organization. Have a wonderful week.