The Latest News from Washington


Promoting a Positive Vision for the Future 


On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed our Fiscal Year 2015 budget resolution – “The Path to Prosperity.” Congress is obligated under the law to pass a budget each year, and this is a responsibility we in the House of Representatives take very seriously. Moreover, it is an opportunity to lay before the American people our vision for a more prosperous nation where more Americans can realize their dreams.


Our proposal is a responsible, balanced budget that seriously tackles the fiscal and economic problems facing our nation. We have put forward a plan that not only cuts spending but also honors our commitments to the American people – whether we are saving and strengthening programs like Medicare, funding our national defense in a responsible manner, reforming the tax code so it’s simpler and fairer, removing waste and redundancy in our social safety-net programs so they effectively serve American families, weeding out corporate welfare or encouraging growth and job creation through the development of American energy.


We have a plan that can accomplish all of these goals without raising taxes by a single cent. It is not fair, economically wise or fiscally beneficial to take more from hardworking Americans to feed more spending in Washington. Our budget proves that we can grow our economy, care for the poor, pay down our national debt, restore patient-centered health care, expand access to domestic energy production, repair our social safety net, reform our tax code and bolster our national defense all in a way that promotes more earned success and security for the American people.



 Holding Washington Accountable


At the very core of our democracy is an understanding that citizens should be able to expect their government will treat them fairly and equally under the law. Revelations that the IRS targeted American citizens for exercising their right to free speech has shaken that core belief and severely undermined the trust of the American people. In order to restore trust, we have to hold those responsible accountable.


Now, there was a time when President Obama called the IRS's political targeting “outrageous.” He vowed to hold the IRS accountable, but he hasn’t. That is why I have been proud to stand with my colleagues on the House Ways and Means Committee as we have investigated the abuse perpetrated by the IRS. To that end, we recently sent a letter to the Department of Justice making a clear case that former IRS official Lois Lerner – the individual who was in charge of the IRS unit overseeing the targeting that took place – must be charged for violating the rights of American citizens. We’ve done the investigatory work for the Attorney General. It is time he acted on these serious issues.


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