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Protecting and Honoring The American Worker


Today, as we relax with family and friends on Labor Day, I am honored to have introduced the Employee Rights Act which is focused on protecting individual workers.


What this legislation is intended to do is simply allow workers the freedom of association. To be very clear, this does not outlaw unions or make it more difficult to join one; this legislation would give very basic protections to individuals who wish to preserve a more autonomous relationship with their employer.


This is not and should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. National polling shows broad, bipartisan support for the common sense measures included in this bill. Folks agree that workplaces should hold periodic Union Certification Elections, the right to a Secret Ballot, employee privacy from unions, and criminalizing threats. I think if folks in Washington put aside political agendas, we could make some serious headway on protecting the individual in the workplace.


Even amongst union households, the support is deep and wide for the provisions in the ERA:


  • Guarantees employees have the right to a secret ballot before union leaders can declare a strike (88% of union households support).
  • Makes any union threat of violence against members a criminal offense (93% of union households support)
  • Protects worker privacy during an organizing campaign (84% of union households support).
  • Guarantees that a majority of all employees have a right to a secret ballot paper election about organizing their company (85% support among union households).
  • Strengthens the National Labor Relations Act to block unions from intimidating or coercing employees from exercising their rights, including the right to decertify the union (75% support among union households).
  • Protects the individual worker's political rights by insisting that unions have to get opt-in permission from each member to use his or her union dues for purposes other than collective bargaining (85% support from union households).


In Congress, our main objective should be to foster an economic climate of growth and opportunity for all American workers and families. This legislation allows workers the liberty to maintain and embrace their rights as individuals in the workplace. That is something we should all be able to get behind.


Have a very safe and happy Labor Day.



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