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Working Toward a Unified Budget


Since both the House and Senate passed our respective balanced budgets, we have been working together to iron out any differences and come to an agreement on a unified Fiscal Year 2016 budget. To that end, this past week Senate Budget Committee Chairman Enzi and I sat down to discuss what needs to be done to take this important next step in creating a balanced budget that will boost our nation’s economic growth and help restore the promise of a government that is more effective and accountable.


We look forward to the Senate-House conference beginning its work as early as this week, followed by Congressional passage of a unified, balanced budget plan for our nation. 


Now more than ever, policymakers need to be making responsible decisions that will set our nation on a course to greater prosperity and opportunity -- where the economy grows, not the government. As my colleague Rep. Tom Emmer (MN-06) and I wrote in a recent joint op-ed:


"The future of our nation, and future generations, depends upon us at this moment. To enact a framework that sets us on a pathway to a healthier economy. For the young entrepreneur to the single mother working two jobs to put food on the table, we have to seize this moment and empower our greatest asset, the American citizen."


I encourage you to read the rest of our piece by clicking here.


Tax Day, April 15th


This Wednesday, all individual tax forms are due to the IRS. Each year the United States tax code gets more complicated, more overbearing, and more cumbersome for American families and businesses. This year, the House will be tackling tax reform head-on. The nation’s economy is underperforming in no small part because Washington is continuing policies that chase ever higher spending with ever higher taxes. House Republicans have called for comprehensive tax reform to help spur economic growth. 


The duty of actually writing tax reform legislation, however, lies in the hands of the Ways & Means Committee. As a member of that committee, I’ve been working with my colleagues on this important issue. We must move the conversation toward a more concrete dialogue, with give and take, so that we can find eventual agreement on a set of solutions that will produce a tax code that is simpler and fairer for hard-working American taxpayers.