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President Talks Down to Americans On Obamacare


President Obama continues to shamelessly attack Americans who are standing up for patient-centered health care and for the right to have access to more affordable health care choices. 


In a speech last week, the president implied that those who oppose Obamacare do so in order to harm our fellow citizens. That's absurd and particularly insulting in light of the fact that it is precisely the president’s health care law that is driving up costs for families and businesses and kicking millions of people off of health care plans they had and liked. 


It is precisely because the president and his party distorted the health insurance market and then attempted to rewrite the law to provide subsidies to those not eligible that even more Americans could be harmed in the coming weeks depending on the outcome of King v. Burwell. 


In short, President Obama and his allies have created a colossal mess of America’s health care system and their only defense now is to insult those who think we can and ought to do better.


There are numerous, positive solutions out there to solve the challenges in America’s health care system – both those that existed prior to Obamacare and those that exist now because of it – that do not require putting Washington in charge. While the president continues to peddle the same tired, straw men arguments in defense of his agenda, the rest of us are going to be focused on patient-centered health care reforms that put patients, families and doctors in charge.


Here are two positive solutions we've introduced in just the past few weeks:

HR 2300
HR 2650

House Passes Critical Defense Funding Bill

This spring, the House and Senate worked together to pass a responsible plan to balance the nation’s budget and improve our national security. Using that guidance, the House Appropriations Committee produced a defense funding bill that the House of Representatives passed last week. It will help ensure military readiness, provides critical resources to fight ISIS and other terrorist organizations, and gives our troops a pay raise. It is a good bill and one that will bring much needed accountability to the Pentagon.


Sadly, our Democrat colleagues are threatening to block these resources from getting to the men and women who are protecting and defending America because they want to use our national security as a bargaining chip to increase spending for their and President Obama's domestic agenda. They are unabashedly opposed to increasing support for our troops unless they can also ramp up spending at agencies like the IRS and the EPA. 


There ought to be strong, bipartisan agreement that our national security is a top priority. It’s time President Obama and his allies in Congress started working with Republicans to give our military members the resources they need to complete their missions.


Trade Promotion Authority

The House of Representative has passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation to provide for important congressional oversight of ongoing and future trade negotiations.


Trade is critical to the economic health and vitality of our communities in Georgia and our nation as a whole. Trade agreements break down barriers and open up markets so that American entrepreneurs can compete on a level playing field, grow opportunity and create jobs.


But it would be foolish to trust the Obama Administration to negotiate important trade agreements without Congress having input, the opportunity to scrutinize the details of what’s been negotiated and, ultimately, to have an up or down vote on any proposal. Trade Promotion Authority ensures Congress exercises its oversight powers. 


TPA puts in place important guidelines and guardrails so future trade agreements reflect what is best for American workers and job creators.


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