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Price Applauds Passage of “No Budget, No Pay”


Price Applauds Passage of “No Budget, No Pay”


Washington, D.C.– Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) responded to the passage of H.R. 325, or the “No Budget, No Pay Act,” saying:


“It has been 1,365 days since the U.S. Senate last passed a budget. If families and businesses must adhere to a budget, why shouldn’t the U.S. government? House Republicans have done our job year after year – putting forth a bold, responsible plan to correct the nation’s fiscal course. We will do so again this year with a plan that will come to balance within 10 years.


“By passing ‘No Budget, No Pay’ today we underscore the utter urgency with which lawmakers should approach America’s compounding fiscal problems. We are also introducing a common sense measure of accountability: the Senate Democrat majority must fulfill its most basic responsibility, as required by law, and pass a budget, or their pay will be withheld until they do their jobs.


“It is encouraging to hear that prominent Democrat Members of the Senate are coming to the realization that passing a budget is an unavoidable responsibility for their chamber. Clearly, the vast majority of the American people support meaningful spending reforms and real fiscal restraint in order to eliminate budgetary deficits and pay down our national debt.


“These are endeavors House Republicans have supported for years. We hope the Senate Majority will do its job and put ‘pen to paper’ on our nation’s fiscal crisis. If so, we look forward to seeing the budget they produce.”



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