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Price Statement on February Jobs Report


Price Statement on February Jobs Report


Washington, D.C. – House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement upon the release of the February unemployment report.


“It is positive news that more Americans were able to find jobs last month and help provide relief for themselves and their families – particularly as we see the Obama Administration continuing to push policies that make it harder for small businesses to grow and harder for even more Americans to find success in this economy,” said Chairman Price.  “The fact remains that at this point in an economic recovery, growth and job creation ought to be far more robust.  But under this administration, the federal government remains a barrier to economic growth whether in the form of higher taxes and a growing debt crisis or the threat to personal freedom and entrepreneurship we find in the president’s health care law and regulatory actions.


“Slow growth with a fragile job market is not acceptable today and it ought not be acceptable for America’s future.  Positive, bipartisan solutions to generate confidence and empower America’s small businesses have passed through the House of Representatives – including theJOBS Act just yesterday which has support from President Obama as well.  The House of Representative’s bipartisan efforts need a Democrat-led Senate willing to do its part.”



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